What is the Baby Shower and why celebrate it

You have certainly heard of it: the baby shower is the latest trend in special parties!

What is it about?

The baby shower is an American import party that celebrates the arrival of the boy or girl in the family. It is usually held around the eighth month of pregnancy and is organized by the dearest friends of the future mother.

baby shower

In addition to being a joyful moment to spend with a few loved ones and friends, it is above all an opportunity to bring gifts to the future mother, destined for the boy or girl on arrival, so as to avoid stressing her during the days before and during the birth and donate already the necessary for the first days of the newborn. In fact, in the days after the birth it would be very inconvenient for new parents to have to carry around all the gifts (very welcome!) Received in the hospital or clinic. It is more important to focus on the essentials and the little newcomer!

How do you organize a baby shower?

Usually the most loved ones organize a small party at the home of the future parents, often by surprise, and very few people are invited: the closest and dearest to the couple! With the help of an event planner, you can create a splendid sweet table with delicious sweets and a cake to taste at the end, without missing a sober themed setting.

baby shower

If you already know the sex of the baby on arrival you can decorate everything with the classic blue or pink colors. Or you can get a surprise cake, with the complicity of future parents, from a good cake designer: outside it will be half blue and half pink, but inside there will be only one of the two colors that will reveal the sex of the unborn child! In addition to being an original idea, it will be a real surprise to those who are not yet aware of the news!

baby shower

Yes, but what to give?

What could be more useful: bibs, blankets (perhaps embroidered with the name of the unborn child), pajamas … Depending on the season, you could give small warm wool socks or a hat to protect the new arrival from the sun!

Now you just have to give space to your imagination or rely on a good and creative event planner who will assist you in the realization of the baby shower!

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