Wedding cake trends: 5 ideas for your 2020 wedding

One of the most important moments of the wedding is the cutting of the wedding cake: at that moment the celebration is at its peak, many photos are taken and of course the cake must be up to the whole party!

The wedding cake must reflect the theme of the party, but also the personality of the couple, must be able to talk about them and their tastes.

But now let’s see in detail what awaits us in 2020 …

Naked cake

We have already seen it in some weddings of 2019, but it has not yet gone out of fashion, indeed it will continue to be predictive. A minimal cake that focuses on taste, no frills: only sponge cake and chantilly cream, few flowers or even fresh fruit to decorate it. It’s certainly not a cake for everyone, but for those who do not like exaggerated decorations and prefer simple things, this could be an excellent wedding cake.

wedding cake

Strong colors

By now the dark colors have also been cleared for wedding decorations. So this also applies to wedding cakes: dark and bold colors combined with metallic details that embellish the cake and make it brighter. In fact this seems to be a mandatory pairing if you don’t want the cake not even to be seen in the dim light of the room! A few gold or silver details will immediately make your wedding cake more elegant and interesting.

wedding cake


You know, the classic never goes out of style! It may change something, it will adapt to the times, but the style will be unmistakable, romantic, full of flowers (better if fresh), with a creamy white that will steal the scene from the rest of the desserts. After all, the color that makes us think of marriage is white!

wedding cake


Then there are those who want to combine their youth and modernity with classic colors. Then a work of “pastry architecture” comes out: angular shapes, raised floors with columns or plexiglass risers. Perfect to amaze guests in an elegant and minimal way as your whole party will be.

Your story

What’s more romantic than a cake that tells the most important moments of your love story! It will surely move even the toughest of your friends! With that cake, you will tell everyone about your first meeting, the engagement and finally the wedding you are experiencing, but obviously you can add other important moments. However, this wedding cake will certainly talk about you.

Now you just have to give space to your imagination or rely on a good and creative cake designer who will assist you in the realization of your wedding cake!

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