How to make a plastic free party

All parents want their child’s party to be unique and unforgettable and for this reason they are committed to making it better. But at the end of the party how much waste is collected? Many, especially at children’s parties: dishes, glasses and food. Don’t panic! Today there are plastic free solutions!

Just take a few precautions and go fancy and your child and the environment will thank you.

plastic free party

But what do we need to make a real plastic free party?

Let’s start with plates and glasses. There are now many alternatives to plastic: biodegradable plastic, wood, cardboard, even edible formulas made with wheat. Surely using this type of crockery will make you throw waste a little more lightly and you will also make a good impression with the guests!

plastic free party

Another way to reduce waste is to use fewer plastic cups. In the case of parties for small children it would be enough to have the name written on the glass (maybe paper) to avoid that each time you take a new one when you have to drink, therefore always use the same.

If there aren’t kids, you could use glass glasses, perhaps decorated with the theme of the party and accompanied by a straw made of metal or paper.

Kids will surely appreciate the touch of personalization and will be careful not to spoil what they have.

plastic free party

As for food, what you can pay attention to is that there are no single-serving bowls or plastic cups, rather try to make large containers or trays to be used independently.

plastic free party

Now you just have to give space to your imagination or rely on a good and creative event planner who will assist you in the realization of your plastic free party!

Would you like to know more? Contact us for a free meeting, we can’t wait to make your dream party come true!