How to choose the perfect wedding cake

One of the most important moments of the wedding is the cutting of the wedding cake: at that moment the celebration is at the height, taking photos and obviously the cake must be up to the whole party.

The wedding cake must reflect the mood of the party, but also the personality of the couple, must be able to talk about them and their tastes.


This aspect mainly concerns you, in this case you don’t have to worry if someone might not like a combination that you like very much instead. As previously mentioned, the wedding cake has to talk about you and if you like chocolate and lemon, for example, be patient if your aunt brings stomach acid!

Attention to the environment

More and more often we pay attention to the environment, to food waste, we choose to have plastic free parties (we talked about it here). Many now also pay attention to choosing seasonal ingredients (especially for the savory menu) and locally sourced flowers and also seasonal ones.

So if you also care about this, make sure that the fresh flowers that will decorate the cake are seasonal and local. Alternatively, you can always choose fake flowers (in sugar paste or butter cream) or decorations with fresh fruit!

wedding cake

The style of the cake

The wedding cake must reflect the theme of the party, the colors and the style. If you don’t have a specific theme for the party, but you have only chosen colors that will be the leitmotif for the cerimony, don’t worry, just recall those colors in the cake in such a way that it is also coordinated.

wedding cake

To see other styles of wedding cakes, discover the trends of 2020, you can also read Wedding cake trends: 5 ideas for your 2020 wedding.

Now you just have to give space to your imagination or rely on a good and creative cake designer who will assist you in the realization of your wedding cake!

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