Complete guide to wedding invitations

Are you getting married this year? Here’s all you need to know about wedding invitations!

Wedding invitations are very important to communicate your wedding to your guests. It is a small “document” that can be personalized with your names, the place of the ceremony and the date. While more traditionalists will still use the formula of parents who announce the marriage of their children, the more modern ones will announce their wedding firsthand.

What should never be missing?

The actual participation with the essential information (names, place of the ceremony, time and date), closed in an envelope coordinated with the colors chosen by the future spouses.

The RSVP, that is Repondez S’il Vous Plait, which reports the names of the spouses and their contacts. It is essential for the invitees to be able to contact you and respond by confirming their presence or not.

So, the invitation to the reception, where you will indicate the place of the party, how to reach it and if you like confirmation by a certain date (essential to avoid bad surprises a few weeks after the wedding, having to pay more than what was expected by the catering, although unfortunately some cancellations there is always the last moment!)

The indications for the wedding list: a place where you can buy gifts for your home or bank details for the honeymoon? The choice is yours, the important thing is to let those who attend the party know!

wedding invitations

But that is not all!

An impeccable wedding does not lack its wedding bag! In fact, in this nice handbag there is everything you need for a pleasant ceremony for guests: booklet for the ceremony, handkerchiefs for tears of happiness, personalized fans, and much more!

Why is it important that all these things are coordinated?

Would you like a wedding where the wedding invitations are green, the wedding bag is lilac and the place cards at the reception are lemon yellow? Definitely out of place!

For example, if you have a natural or boho chic theme, with soft colors on green, you will have to study together with the wedding planner the most suitable color palette to blend together in harmony! You will then collaborate with a professional printer who will print everything you need for your wedding.

Obviously the graphic coordinated must also include the material for the reception: tableau de mariage, menu, place cards and placeholders. The cadeau is also very nice to be coordinated.

So it’s up to you to choose what to include. Know that the more coordinated and well-studied the graphic material, the better the effect on the event and the amazement of your guests will be!

wedding invitations

What can we do together?

After careful analysis of your wishes, we will study together a color palette suitable for you. Then we will develop your personalized graphics that we will apply to all the coordinates you choose: you are not obliged to make the wedding bag, but if you like we will also do that by choosing the items you want to include!

At this point you can take a look at our graphics here, or contact us to make an appointment and study together the solution suitable for you!