Planning a wedding in Sicily can be a very stressful time if you are not supported by valid professionals.

Sincerely advising, eliciting a few smiles even in difficult moments and directing the wedding day impeccably: this is what a professional wedding planner in Sicily does.

You will no longer have doubts or fears because we will be by your side, guiding you in every choice and supporting you. You can say that you have experienced the real and most authentic emotion of marriage, without unnecessary anxieties.

What we do is to assist you, support you, advise you on the journey together. Each step to take will be a way to talk about you and your love story. Why did you decide to get married? What is driving you to be united eternally? This is what should also guide the preparations and your special day.

Having a wedding planner in Sicily helps keep everything under control with expert guidance in the sector, without the fear of hiring the wrong supplier or having problems on the wedding day.

Our specialty is very small weddings. Not because they are simpler, but because they allow you to feel very strong emotions. Seeing the newlyweds surrounded by a few dearest affections is incomparable. Especially if we know that we accompanied them to that special day.

Our Method

1. Project and Budget

First of all we will have a nice chat to get to know each other more in depth and to understand your desires, which should turn from the dream into a party!

Together we will define the style of the wedding and divide up the budget available to you. This will serve to use it intelligently and not spend it on “deceptions”!

2. Site inspections and suppliers

Lots of people think that hiring a wedding planner after choosing the church and the venue is an excellent idea to save money, but actually important details are often left out which turn out to be very painful problems (and losses of money)! How many times have we heard of inadequate plan B, of internal rooms that are not large enough (never take the sun for granted, even in August!), not to mention suppliers who disappear a few days before the wedding and who do not take note of the changes to the project!

The list is long, but together we can shorten it!

We will select the suppliers best suited to your needs, leaving the final choice up to you, according to two key criteria: available budget and style. These are two values that no search engine can match, but we can, thanks to our dense network of trusted professionals.

3. Design and Planning

Once we have chosen the perfect suppliers, we will go on to define the project and logistics, because dreaming is nice, but we also need to materialize. This is done by planning a precise and detailed schedule that avoids both rushes and downtime, and which allows all professionals to work in harmony in your interest.

To better visualize your project we can use hand sketches or computer renderings, so you can already savor the wonders of the wedding day!

4. Coordination

Without coordination between the parties it is not possible to reach the final goal: seeing you happy on your most beautiful day! You must be sure that when you will arrive in Italy everything will be ready for your wedding day!

Briefings with suppliers are essential and very underrated, yet without precise times and directives it is difficult to do our job correctly. This is why our presence and that of our team become crucial on the wedding day!

The matter is simple: you will be busy getting married, your loved ones will want to have fun, and we will be there to manage the wedding organization!

During the journey we travel together we will get to know each other and we will put your wishes on paper, making them real on your wedding day.

Your guests will be surprised and thrilled, happy to participate in a refined and classy wedding that perfectly represents you, in a perfect Sicilian frame.

wedding in sicily
Wedding in Cefalù, Sicily

Our projects can be developed with a careful analysis of your requests face to face in the office or via video call.

The wedding day is the most important in the life of a couple and must be lived and celebrated to the full, without fear. Only with tears of joy and hearty laughters.

Book an appointment, tell us your dream and we will turn it into a party!

We speak Italian, English and a bit of French.

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What we can do for you

Wedding planner and design

Planning of the event at 360° with the best suppliers in Sicily chosen tailor-made for you. We manage and control your budget. We accompany you in choosing location, church, flowers, photographer, etc. We coordinate the event according to plan and solve problems that may arise during your wedding in Sicily.

Wedding coordination

Coordination of all the chosen suppliers and above all during the wedding to guarantee you an excellent success of the event. We solve problems and coordinate plan A and B with suppliers.

Elopement & Micro wedding

Planning or coordination of elopements (in Sicily or Venice) and micro weddings (up to 100 guests). Based on your needs, the most suitable service is chosen between planner and coordination.

We recommend that you contact us at least 1 year in advance and that you are already clear about the bureaucratic procedures for your wedding in Sicily.

In any case we don’t deal with paperworks, embassies and churches, as they need your personal data and signs. In some cases we may decide not to work on a wedding if there is an incompatibility between us and your chosen suppliers. We therefore ask you to rely totally on us and our team to guarantee you an excellent result.

Our experience has taken us from Palermo to Cefalù, from the province of Trapani to Venice. And where do you want to take us?