How to choose the perfect location for each season

Come scegliere la location perfetta per ogni stagione

There are those who dream of the sea and those who dream of being the snow queen. Every wedding needs to have the perfect location in every season, but how to choose the right one?

How to choose the perfect location for each season
Castello di Solanto – Santa Flavia (Palermo)

First of all you have to decide the season in which you want to get married, what have you always dreamed of? Cinderella’s dance in a beautiful castle room or a romantic sea view dinner?

While you decide, we give you some advice on how to choose the perfect location according to the season.

Spring and autumn

How to choose the perfect location for each season
Villa Aurelia – Rome

These are passing seasons, there are still mild temperatures, it is pleasant to be outside, but the weather is uncertain. There could be a beautiful day like a sudden storm. So what could be more suitable?

Definitely a location that has a beautiful garden if you decide to make the reception outside, but also some beautiful internal rooms to have a valid floor b in case of rain. In this case we would advise you not to recommend the modern villas that are beautiful are in the garden, you could risk having to have dinner in an anonymous white room because at the last it started to rain!

Instead, opt for a period villa. It has beautiful gardens outside and even more beautiful rooms inside, or perhaps modernized greenhouses, it will be like being in a garden, but you will be indoors and sheltered from the weather!


How to choose the perfect location for each season
Villa d’Este – Tivoli (Rome)

In this season, little considered for weddings, you can find many elegant and welcoming locations. If you like to dream of being queens then you can choose old castles or palaces that hold rooms for luxurious receptions! But not only that, if your budget is not high, you can see the reception rooms of the luxury hotels in your city, some are truly magical!

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How to choose the perfect location for each season
Therasia Resort – Vulcano, Aeolian Islands

The first thing that comes to mind is a poolside party, if then there is also the view of the sea and a breathtaking sunset then you’re done!

You really are spoiled for choice, modern villas with swimming pool and well-kept gardens, luxury hotels on small islands or overlooking the sea, castles overlooking the water … In short, you just have to decide based on your budget!

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