About us

Irene and Eleonora, two slightly different sisters, a bit dreamy…

With a common goal, a dream that binds us in work and in life: to make your wedding unique, not only through a beautiful mise en place or a particular centerpiece, but through the experience of preparing for this day studied down to the smallest detail!

Because yes, beautiful photos and beautiful dreams, but you also need a lot of planning, a lot of professionalism and a lot of experience behind you to get to that result.

What we can do for you

It’s not just about ribbons and confetti, on the contrary. Our work starts from a careful analysis of the couple’s requests. Don’t worry about the thousand questions: we want to get to know you well so we can best satisfy you! In order to work together for over a year we must get in tune, and for you it will be like having faithful friends who accompany you day by day towards the wedding, only that we will do it in a very professional way!

We will help you choose the best products, the best suppliers, we will take the expenses into account and we will decide together what to aim for. You won’t have to worry, you will never say “I forgot to…”, because we will have a precise timeline to follow so as not to forget anything and relieve you of the stress of the wedding. We will tell you when to prepare the invitations, when to send them, when to choose the clothes and how to manage the thousand requests for catering (from your vegetarian friend to your celiac brother, no one will be forgotten!). This does not mean that your friends and family will not participate, on the contrary, we will make sure to combine the many wishes and family traditions in a harmonious way for a perfect success of the event!

Our story

Irene and Eleonora are two sisters united by a passion for making dreams come true.

Irene graduated in Industrial Design, then obtained a Master’s degree in Visual design. Not satisfied with her life in a web agency, she decided to embark on a new career starting from the Complete Wedding & Event Planner Course by Maria Macchiarella, a well-known wedding planner from Palermo. He later participated in the creation of 10 weddings with her.

Eleonora, on the other hand, immediately understood that pastry making was her path. You studied this splendid profession at the Cappello Pastry Academy, run by the famous pastry chef Cappello in Palermo. Afterwards she continued to deepen her passion with courses on iced biscuits, wedding cakes, modern sugar paste cakes. You also attended Cira Lombardo’s Wedding Planner course.

Our training continues under the expert guidance of wedding designer Roberta Torresan.

The passion for travel has pushed us to organize weddings not only in Palermo, but also Cefalù, Segesta and even Venice. We are constantly updated to make the dreams of the couple come true, keeping up with trends, without forgetting traditions.

We already worked with international couples, as Canadian couples with Italian origins, Mexical-Italian, Italian-Polish and Ukrainian-Brasilian couples.

Everybody has a different story and beautiful traditions: do you want to tell us yours?

Our team

Winning team does not change! Irele Events is the union of many professions that together plan and implement your event. Our skills make possible the realization of your dreams. Everyone deserves an honorable mention because success can only be achieved with your team!