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When you decide to get married in Sicily, a thousand thoughts start in your head.

Where will I start? Where will I get married exactly?

Maybe you have never visited Sicily, or maybe your family is from a small town in Sicily but you have visited it only once. 

Everything seems more complicated. You try to organise something, you look for a venue, ask for a quote, but they never answer. And if this is the beginning, imagine the rest! Here, the fear that something will go wrong that day begins !

So, imagine a scenario where you are calm because with your wedding planners Irene and Eleonora you have worked for a year towards this day, everything has been planned in detail and neither you nor your family members are stressed. In a whole year you have never felt the necessity to get on a plane and check if everything is going okay. With the support of our staff, who coordinates the wedding day with us, we will never leave you alone!

Our experience on the job has led us to avoid the problems known to those in the sector (but not to the spouses), to relieve you of last minute anxieties and above all to find compromises between suppliers, spouses and guests’ expectations. In our wedding planner activity we mainly address newlyweds who want to enjoy their wedding day with a small number of friends and relatives. In fact, our specialities are elopement wedding in Sicily and Venice, and micro weddings (up to 100 guests).

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Where do we start?

1. Project and Budget

First of all we will have a nice chat to get to know each other more in depth and to understand your desires, which should turn from the dream into a party!

Together we will define the style of the wedding and divide up the budget available to you. This will serve to use it intelligently and not spend it on “deceptions”!

2. Site inspections and suppliers

Lots of people think that hiring a wedding planner after choosing the church and the venue is an excellent idea to save money, but actually important details are often left out which turn out to be very painful problems (and losses of money)! How many times have we heard of inadequate plan B, of internal rooms that are not large enough (never take the sun for granted, even in August!), not to mention suppliers who disappear a few days before the wedding and who do not take note of the changes to the project!

The list is long, but together we can shorten it!

We will select the suppliers best suited to your needs, leaving the final choice up to you, according to two key criteria: available budget and style. These are two values that no search engine can match, but we can, thanks to our dense network of trusted professionals.

3. Design and Planning

Once we have chosen the perfect suppliers, we will go on to define the project and logistics, because dreaming is nice, but we also need to materialize. This is done by planning a precise and detailed schedule that avoids both rushes and downtime, and which allows all professionals to work in harmony in your interest.

To better visualize your project we can use hand sketches or computer renderings, so you can already savor the wonders of the wedding day!

4. Coordination

Without coordination between the parties it is not possible to reach the final goal: seeing you happy on your most beautiful day! You must be sure that when you will arrive in Italy everything will be ready for your wedding day!

Briefings with suppliers are essential and very underrated, yet without precise times and directives it is difficult to do our job correctly. This is why our presence and that of our team become crucial on the wedding day!

The matter is simple: you will be busy getting married, your loved ones will want to have fun, and we will be there to manage the wedding organization!

Just some love stories...

Anastasiia & Filipe

December 7th, 2023 - Palermo, Sicily

Suddenly, like like a love at first sight. This is how Anastasiia’s request arrived in October ’23. She had written to us from Vancouver to organise her symbolic elopement wedding in Palermo. After a month and a half of intense preparations and videocalls with a very uncomfortable time zone, our beautiful spouses have arrived in Palermo. And the best was yet to come…

Simone & Flavia

July 13th, 2023 - Terrasini, Sicily

Simone and Flavia are a very sweet couple who live and work in Piedmont, northern Italy, but have Sicilian origins: he’s from Palermo and she’s from Castelvetrano.

Our paths crossed in the most beautiful way: their friends, Antonino and Marta, had married in 2021 and had entrusted us with the wedding stationery, but also, knowing our planning services, had mentioned our name. So they helped their friends who live far away and were struggling to complete the organization of their wedding remotely!

And this is how our journey together began, which led us, between one unexpected event and another, to the beautiful day of their wedding…

Carmelo & Letizia

May 26th, 2023 - Palermo, Sicily

Organizing Carmelo and Letizia’s wedding was not only a splendid journey into the refinement of Palermo, but above all it was a tiptoe entry into their beautiful family.

We can say that their children also participated: little Claudio, born in October 2021, came with us to the meetings with the florist, and Giorgia, the eldest, also participated in the wedding day with enormous enthusiasm.

We celebrated family in the purest sense, but we also faced enormous difficulties, such as the catering truck breaking down on the highway…

Matthew & Meaghan

September 2nd, 2022 - Segesta, Sicily

Meaghan arrived from Canada to rediscover her family’s origins, together with her husband Matthew, also of Italian origin.

The journey they traveled together meant that their wedding was a union between Canada and Italy, delicately mixing the different traditions.

For their guests, both Italian and Canadian, it was 3 days of celebration and fun…

Giovanni & Irene

March 12th, 2022 - Venice, Italy

After 9 years together, but far away, Irene and Giovanni decided to get married in his region, giving life to an unconventional but absolutely elegant wedding.

Among the notes of Etta James and Louis Armstrong, their guests were also able to enjoy not only a fairytale wedding, but also 2 days as tourists in Venice…

Rosa & Fernando

July 14th, 2022 - Cefalù, Sicily

Combining Italian and Mexican traditions might seem simple, but it’s not at all when the groom decides not to bring any of his customs!

And so Rosa and Fernando’s wedding had a distinct Sicilian flavour, in the splendid setting provided by the city of Cefalù, where Rosa’s parents had also married years earlier.

The time zone difference did not stop our 360° organization, thus making the wedding magical for the spouses, their guests and for us too…

Vincenzo & Edyta

June 17th, 2022 - Bagheria, Sicily

A love story born in London between an Italian boy and a Polish girl. Sober, elegant and lovers of beauty.

Our spouses decided to rely on us to coordinate their wedding day and make sure that their decisions were implemented, especially their request for confidentiality.

Their wedding was the emblem of the elegance of the most authentic Sicily, set between the Cappella Palatina in Palermo and Villa Palagonia in Bagheria.

It was also an unexpected wedding for us: although we could only communicate with the bride in English and in no way with her family, a special bond was created between us…

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Ph: Carla Pagano
Ph: Carla Pagano

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